How To Raise A Happy Son

Raising a son is tough, dirty work. Well you do need to discipline them, there also comes a time when boys must be boys. Striking to perfect balance between discipline and letting them have fun is essential. When they were babies it was as easy as putting them in boys strollers and walking around the neighborhood if you wanted them to have fun. Now, they’re all rough and tumble.

boys strollers

You might want to ground your sons for getting their clothes torn and dirty, but this is fighting a losing battle. Young boys love to explore and play and it’s crucial for their social development. Instead of getting angry each time they ruin a brand-new shirt, send them out to play in old clothing that can afford to be torn. Make this a rule in the house. Once they know that they can be free in certain clothes, they won’t ruin their expensive clothing. And if they do decide to disregard this rule and get their Sunday best muddy, you have adequate reason to ground them.

Young boys have endless amounts of energy. Once they’re old enough to leave the boys strollers behind they will drive you crazy by running around and breaking things. How do you prevent this from wreaking havoc on your home? Make rules about where it is okay to play. Your garden and a games room should be safe zones, while rooms inside the house should all be red zones for breaking things. A games room inside the house will be a lifesaver on those rainy days, especially if you have more than one son. Allow them to go crazy in there and put in things like a punching bag and other physical activities. Make it a rule that they are responsible for cleaning up when they’re done playing.